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Professional Development & Business Solutions

 It’s About Optimization!

Need problems solved, productivity increased, or training in the latest software version? 

Perhaps like many other businesses you don’t have a cadre of super users on hand. Whether the need is to improve a process, create timely and professional reports, or assist with identifying development opportunities, the experts at The Reed Advantage delight in letting you get on with managing the business.

Business Solutions

The TRA team members are all local residents who have the education and practical application experience to allow for customized service in a wide variety of subjects. We ask questions, observe current practices and offer process improvement options while respecting the client’s preferences and decisions. Our job is to empower success through customized service including:

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Serving a broad spectrum of industries:

Agriculture        Construction                    Manufacturing
Retail Trade      Transportation                Business Management
Real Estate        Education Services        Refining
Healthcare and Social Assistance            Finance and Insurance

Training & Professional Development

Too often trainers attempt to compress several hours of learning into a very brief period, resulting in less than stellar return on investment. The TRA training style is to proceed at a more carefully measured pace that allows for better absorption, personalization, and utilization.

ROI Rich Training

Whether hard skills or soft skills, TRA training is tailored to each specific situation and the sessions typically occur in client training rooms or office spaces. When possible, actual or sample data used by employees on the job is chosen for a real-time and relevant classroom experience. All of these elements empower employees to apply their new skills immediately upon return to work; providing an immediate return on investment.

 The Reed Advantage, where providing value for our customers is not just something we say; it’s what we do. 

 For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us at

360-770-4295  or Info@TheReedAdvantage.com


The Reed Advantage LLC is located in Burlington, WA 

Approved Training Provider for the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DVR) and Department of Labor and Industries